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Best activity tracking app included in Nokia Collection!

Activity Tracking

Tracks your activity and automatically calculates beautiful statistics, charts and shows on the map.

Your Fitness Charts

Shows your activity in multiple beautiful charts: drill into any activity to see details!

Personal Trainer

Set your goals with Active Fitness or challenge yourself by selecting a fitness or workout plan.


Compete with your friends and people worldwide: Active Fitness makes it fun to take yourself to the next level.


Set goals to improve every day you use Active Fitness. Incredibly easy to set, goals help motivating you every day.

Friends and Finder

Connect with your friends, share your activities, compete and challenge your buddies. Includes Tap-to-friend feature: you can friend someone by tapping phones.

Conserves battery: longest tracking time

Active Fitness is designed for battery efficiency. Originally desined for cold winter conditions, and long tracking, Active Fitness is clearly the best app for activity tracking.


The app can speak your progress to you: instead of distracting yourself from your activity, you may listen to app's feedback as you perform your activity. Great for athletes!

Lockscreen with rich statistics

See your progress without opening the app, right on the lockscreen! This saves the battery and allows you to quickly glance over your progress.


“Active Fitness joins Nokia Collection could easily become our favorite fitness app.”(more...)


“I use Active Fitness every day, challenging myself and my friends, running, hiking, cycling, skiing, rollerblading... Check personal training and leaderboards to find your challenge.”

Kevin | Microsoft

Most advanced Windows Phone tracking app

Activity Tracking

Active Fitness is the perfect activity tracking app, designed to work on-and-offline, with or without connection. Simplicity means perfection, and Active Fitness helps you achieve better results.

Beautiful user interface

Active Fitness has an award winning using interface, especially designed for high-brightness and sunny conditions, designed by the same team that made another great app: Winter Ski & Ride.

Goals and progress

Set your goals easily and visually from Active Fitness. Any athlete needs motivation, and with Active Fitness we made goals incredibly easy to set. We recommend increasing goals gradually.

Charts and analytics

To help you understand your progress, we included a wealth of beautiful instant real-time charts and analytics. See your progress and adjust your goals anytime, anywhere to improve and get better.

Handcrafted in Silicon Valley, California by SUMMIT DATA CORP

the authors of Winter Ski & Ride app